"While growing up in Cape Breton, my mother was a great encouragement when it came to my singing. Both mom and dad had favourite songs that they really enjoyed and many times after school they would ask me to sing these songs.  Being shy I was often reluctant, but with a little coaxing I would oblige. I had to sing out of their view, so the hallway was a good place to go where I didn’t feel so scared.

This CD is a collection of some of those songs and while recording it, I had lots of flashbacks. My father particularly liked "A Rusty Old Halo" and it always brought a smile to his face. My mother’s tastes were very eclectic. The first time she heard "From a Jack to a King" on the radio, she waited for me to come home from school and together we listened until they finally played it again - oh my, her eyes were dancing.
Mom died of cancer in 1972 and when she was in hospital, I sang her the "Green Green Grass of Home", one of her favourites. Dad died years later, but memories of them both I relived again while recording this CD.
Music has been a big part of my life and they were the inspiration. I hope when you listen to this CD, my friends some fond memories will return hearing these great old tunes once again."  - Rita MacNeil

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